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Why Do I Need A Landscape Architect?

If you are reading this, you probably have already pondered this question. You may be building a new home, renovating an older home, or realizing there is something not quite right with your landscape and are searching for answers. You are wondering what exactly a landscape architect does and whether investing in their services will be worthwhile for you.

What does a landscape architect do?

The profession of landscape architecture bridges the gap between architecture, horticulture, engineering, and art. Around the fringes, it can include expertise in psychology, geography, ecology, transportation engineering, and city or regional planning. However, with such a wide and diverse profession, each landscape architect may hold a differing area of specialty within the profession. Some may be more knowledgeable with plants and horticulture. Others may work within site engineering, such as grading, drainage, and erosion control. Commercially oriented projects may fill the days of some landscape architects.

But, what a landscape architect does best is bring their knowledge and experience into your project; listening to your desires and needs for your project, synthesizing those desires into a plan that will make your project both functional and beautiful, guiding you through the stages of your project, and representing you during construction.

In short, a landscape architect is your consultant, guide, and representative... bringing focus, organization, experience... creating efficiency, function, and beauty.

A landscape architect maximizes the success of your project!

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