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Scott Colomb Landscape Architect is a full service landscape architecture firm in Moreland (Coweta County), Georgia providing our clients throughout the Southeastern US and beyond with the highest level of personalized design service.  Our projects reflect the desires of our clients in the creation of functional spaces, enriched with meaningful details, providing deeply personal connections.  Our clients gain the benefit of decades of experience in project design, aesthetic detailing, site engineering, and construction processes.



Producing beautiful and functional designs, Scott Colomb is a talented and experienced landscape architect practicing site planning and landscape design for people-oriented projects ranging from residences to churches, hospitals, children’s camps, and parks. With a responsive ear for his clients’ desires and a critical eye toward site conditions, his creative solutions are more than aesthetically pleasing because he believes and intends for each design to respond on a personal level for those experiencing his work. His attentiveness and thoroughness toward projects derives from his passion for his work, while his design skills originate with training both in a nationally-ranked landscape architectural degree program and under leading and renowned landscape architects, including Dr. Robert Reich and Edward L. Daugherty. With his logical nature, understanding of construction processes and management, and years of experience working with and under professional engineers, he is sought after as a consultant on complex projects or those with unusual construction components because of his ability to blend aesthetics with functional and practical engineered solutions.


Scott Colomb, Landscape Architect, Moreland, Georgia, 1994 - Present

Complete design and planning services for residential and institutional projects, including site planning,

site design, landscape and site structure design (pools, fountains, paving, recreational courts, accessory

structures, etc), bid administration, and construction observation.


Associate Landscape Architect, Daugherty/Anderson & Associates, Atlanta, Georgia, 1990-1992


Supervising Landscape Architect, Martin-Daniels, Inc., Atlanta, Georgia, 1988-1990 and 1992-1994


Project Landscape Architect, Tribble & Richardson Consulting Engineers, Atlanta, Georgia, 1987-1988

Site design, preparation of construction documents, bid administration, and construction observation for residential and institutional (church/school/park/cemetery/governmental) projects.



Licensed Georgia Landscape Architect #818, since 1987


Trees Atlanta’s First Landscape Architect, 1991


Subject Matter Expert for redevelopment of Georgia Landscape Architecture Registration Exam, 1995


Awarded American Society of Landscape Architects’ Certificate of Merit


Select Examples of Potentially Comparable Work

Conceptual Studies for Various Parks Associated with a Local Health Care System.

The images below are examples from work completed as design studies related to various existing or proposed parks.  The sites ranged from highly developed to naturalistic.  The focus of the designs ranged from engaging those passing through the site to countering erosion and site degradation while providing destination-based passive recreation.


Private Park, Lookout Mountain, TN

This privately funded park grew out of concern for pedestrian and cyclist safety at a dangerous intersection.  The directive behind the project was to create an attractive and useful park within the established neighborhood and provide a means of allowing pedestrians and cyclists to exit the street prior to the intersection and bypass the area of vehicular conflict.

Post Street Park.

Post Street Park was a minimally developed park in Grantville, GA.  It included a pool, but little else.  This design studied the possibility of constructing a system of trails through the woodland and location of a proposed community center and associated parking.


North Cove, Peachtree City, GA

Based on Andres Duany's concepts of New Urbanism, the design of North Cover neighborhood incorporated housing organized to relate to public park space that was highly designed and connected by walks to other parks in the development and a path system along the lake.  The design for the lake-side park included many green infrastructure elements, common now, but uncommon at the time, including pervious pavement and stormwater infiltration.

The Preserve at Stoney Ridge, Lake Martin, AL

The design of Common Areas, access, and plantings was intended to preserve and showcase the existing ecosystem.  This work included construction of boardwalks, utilization of boulder outcrops, placement of a covered bridge for vehicular access over a stream, and use of native and suitable companion plants.

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