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Design Services Offered

Scott Colomb, Landscape Architect

Scott Colomb, Landscape Architect offers a full and complete range of landscape design, site engineering, and construction-related services, tailored to the specific needs of each project and client.  These services are provided on an as-needed basis and at the discretion of the client.


Our services are best explained when grouped, generally, into the following categories or phases:


Initial Meeting

It is never too early for your first meeting with us. If you are looking to select and purchase property for your project, we can assist you with the evaluation of the property prior to purchase to determine its suitability for your purposes, or any special benefits or obstacles the property may present.

If you are meeting with your architect already, consider including us in this process.  While we know and respect the limits of our particular design skills, the work of the architect and the landscape architect overlap. Often, the best design comes when we work together, informing each other of our own design intents and responding to the other’s intents in our own work.


Preliminary Design and Design Development

This is where your project is conceived and developed.  After discussions with you regarding your goals and desires for the project, we develop an initial plan that synthesizes your thoughts into a workable organization for the site.  We consider not only your desires, but also how the site may be impacted by the utilities required, maintenance requirements, and how to make the design flexible enough to respond to potential changes in your requirements.  During meetings with you, this initial plan is further developed and refined until it becomes the template for the development of your project. From this point, materials are selected for your approval and the details that mean so much to the success of the design are developed. Your project becomes not only functional, but beautiful, as we flesh out your design together.


Preparation of Construction Documents

Once the design is fully developed, we begin compiling construction documents.  The design that now resides in your and our minds is still a world away from being fully understood by the contractor. Our job is to make sure we provide enough information to enable your contractor;s workers to faithfully bring your design to reality.  We do this with drawings that show a plan view, along with elevations showing side views. Often, drawings showing a cross-section are required to convey how the pieces and parts are assembled. In certain situations, written specifications that further document the processes and materials are required.  If you intend to obtain construction bids from several contractors, we can develop bid documents for your project. Exactly which documents your project requires are often dictated by the complexity of your project. We are always happy to discuss these issues with our clients and work toward a happy medium that both produces the project the client desires and simplifies the construction process.


The following list describes information that may be required in the construction documents.  Not every project requires all of this information, and sometimes this information can be combined into fewer documents.

Site Preparation and Demolition

Site Grading and Drainage

Utility Installation

Site Layout Dimensions and Material Specification

Hardscape Construction Plans and Details

Planting Design and Details

Irrigation Design

Lighting Design


Preparation of Permitting Documents

If your project requires government approval prior to the start of construction, we can prepare documents fulfilling the government requirements and assist with submission for approval.  Depending on requirements, these documents may include site disturbance calculations, stormwater runoff calculations, tree disturbance calculations, erosion control and tree protection details, and engineering and construction details related to the project.  Often, these documents consist of portions of the construction documents, with additional information and calculations add to them.


Construction Administration/Observation

With decades of experience in both designing and facilitating construction of both large and small projects, we are able to represent our clients’ interests during the construction process.  We often assist our clients with the selection of a contractor that is well suited to the particular project and capable of completing the project as designed.


During the construction, we meet as necessary with the contractor and his workers to ensure that their interpretation of the documents will satisfy the design, answer their questions, and resolve issues that may arise during construction.  Depending on the situation, this may be handled via phone conversations and emails, but we are always willing to meet on site when that will produce the best results. Of course, the client is always kept abreast of these conversations and any decisions made as a result. At the end of construction, we review the completed work with the client and the contractor, ensuring that all parties are satisfied with the results.


Post Construction

Once the construction is over, it would seem that the project is complete.  Sometimes it is. Most of the time, particularly with landscapes, the project shifts from constructing the project to maintaining it.  During the design phase, we considered maintenance and what effect it might have on the finished project. Now it is time to select a maintenance contractor and ensure that they are aware of the specific maintenance required by the project, and capable of adequately completing that maintenance.  Often, the chosen maintenance contractor needs no more than direction regarding expectations for plant care and pruning. However, sometimes the contractor may require sketches, written directions, or even on-site instruction. We are always willing to provide these services anytime needed, whether at project completion or further into the future.


As stated earlier, these are examples of the services we offer.  Each project is different, requiring different levels and amounts of services.  If you would like to discuss which services may benefit your project, please contact us.

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